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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

3 Chess Tips: How Never to Fear a GM!

Hello chess blog friends, chess has amazing levelling power. You're as good as you are in a particular game on a particular day. There are at least three things which you can do to never be afraid of a Grandmaster again! Remember how you hate those first rounds at open tournaments where you have to meet highly rated players just because you're low down on the list? No more chess jitters now. Trust us and try these three tips.

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1- Train at chess hard: Okay, let's look at it this way. There are just those 64 squares and just those 32 pieces that you've got to keep track of and that your GM opponent has got to keep track of. So, if you are human, he's human enough as well. The only difference is that he has come ready for battle after training hard. So, what stops you from training equally hard? Pick up a cool chess software, fire it up on your computer, find the books for the openings you play or, invest in opening DVDs... just 3 - 5 not a truckload to begin with. Get going and you're well on your way to facing a GM fearlessly.  Keep a focused chess training programme in mind. Stay slow, but stay steady. It works.

2- Improve your physical fitness: This is one of the best-kept secrets in chess training. Your brain gets tired just that wee bit late as compared to your opponent if you have built your stamina and strength. One flash of an indiscretion is enough to lose a game, lose an almost-won game or, turn around a lost game. Take up any form of physical exercise whether it's yoga or dancing. Get moving and you will be surprised how your chess improves. That will help you face any GM with courage.

3- Never be worried about losing: This is the first thing you should tell your kids if you're a chess parent. Then, repeat it for yourself. Never, ever ever ever fear losing. There will always be another game to play and you will learn faster, retain chess knowledge quickly and longer if you stay fearless in the face of defeat. As altruistic as it sounds, remember every loss is as much a way forward as a victory. Analyse your lost games even if you skip a won game. Let the lost games be a feather in your cap in equal measure. It helps! Try it! Approach each game with a GM as a free classroom chess training session. :)

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