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Monday, September 2, 2013

List of Chess events at the Anand - Carlsen World Championship match 2013

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Hi everyone, 
The organizing committee of the Anand - Carlsen World Chess Championship 2013 is also planning to hold ten chess events before and during the Championship. For non-Indians, there are two International norm tournaments in Chennai alone, one exclusively for women. Two more Grandmaster tournaments to be conducted one after the other at Hyderabad and Kolkata.  

1. As a curtain raiser, “Beach Blitz” – A Blitz tournament will be held on the 3rd week of the September on the World famous Marina Beach at Chennai under a host of colourful umbrellas.

2. And this will be followed by district level chess tournaments (Tamil Nadu State comprises of 32 districts) where in 10 players will qualify from each district.

3. The above qualifiers, will participate in the State level tournament will be held concurrently with the FIDE World Championship Match - 2013.

4. An exclusive Women Grandmaster Chess Tournament will be held from 06th to 14th November, 2013.

5. An Open Grandmaster Chess Tournament will follow (above 2000 ELO).

6. A Rating tournament for below 2000 ELO will be held during the Championship.

7. National Under - 9 Boys & Girls Chess Championship is planned during this championship.

8. Chess Solving contest will be held daily during the Match days at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Chennai, the venue of the FIDE World Championship Match - 2013.

9. Arbiters Seminar will be held during the FIDE World Championship Match – 2013.

10. FIDE Trainers Seminar will be held during the FIDE World Championship Match – 2013.

Apart from the above, the Tamil Nadu School Education department is organizing tournaments from school level to the State level involving more than 50,000 schools children which is already underway. (Events in bold allow entry to non-Indians).

1 Beach Blitz Chennai 15th Sep, 2013
2 District level Various districts in Tamil Nadu 27th to 29th September, 2013
3 State level Chennai 16th to 18th November, 2013
4 Women Grandmaster Open Chennai 06th to 14th November, 2013
5 Grandmaster Open Chennai 15th to 23rd November, 2013

6 National Under - 9 Boys & Girls Chennai 06th to 14th November, 2013
7 Chess Solving Contest Chennai On all FWCM-2013 match days
8 FIDE Rating below 2000 Chennai 19th to 22nd November, 2013
9 FIDE Arbiters Seminar Chennai 11th to 14th November, 2013
10 FIDE Trainers Seminar Chennai 15th to 18th November, 2013
11 Grandmaster Open Hyderabad 25th Nov to 03rd Dec, 2013
12 Grandmaster Open Kolkata 05th to 14th Dec, 2013

All players who are desirous of participating in the tournaments are requested to contact the coordinator for all the Grandmaster tournaments SFT, FA & IM. Mr. Lanka Ravi on with a copy to Mr. V. Hariharan on (for Chennai GM and Women GM, Arbiter seminar and FIDE Trainer seminar) & GM Dibyendu Barua on

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