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Monday, September 2, 2013

Computer Chess Championship 2013: Top Stars Lose

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Hi everyone, 
TCEC, the leading global computer chess championship by Martin Thoresen, started this August 26th with the participation of the top chess engines and with a new live homepage.

The top engines including the defending champion Houdini 3 will perform against the new version of Stockfish 4, the new entry Bouquet, and the established Rybka, Komodo, Critter, Gull, and Equinox, cruised through Round 1 of Stage 1 without any problem, scoring easy and expected victories.

However, even the most eccentric predictions could not see five 3000+ ELO engines being held in Round 2. The biggest surprise is last season’s champion Houdini, which could not overcome the resistance of Hiarcs 14. Many point Komodo as a possible super finalist of the TCEC, however, it was the second 3000+ ELO victim of the round, drawing its game with Spike. The newcomer Bouquet 1.8 and the long time best engine Rybka 4.1, and Critter 1.6 entered the “draw party” after fierce fights from Junior 13.3, Shredder 12, and Toga II.

These results were used by the other favorites of the field. The new version of Stockfish 4 , Gull II, and Equinox 2b to take the lead with full 2,0/2. They are joined at the top of the table by Exchess 7.15b.

Scroll down for the full standings.

TCEC continues now with R3 of Stage 1, in search of new records after breaking two on day 1 of the competition.

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