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Friday, April 6, 2012

Win a Chess Prize with Weekend Trivia Quiz

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Hi everyone,

Here is a weekend chess quiz with a prize. Have a great weekend coming up tomorrow all filled with chess and more chess. (What else is there in the world apart from chess any way! - Ah, well just kidding, or are we?) 

The first five all-correct entries win a free copy of chess magazine Black & White with a complete tutorial on Chess King. Post your answers here or just email them to Last Date: April 8, 2012.

Sorry folks, Mr Google won't be able to help you much tonight.

Question 1
Which is the Queen of Chess Openings?

Question 2
If the legendary chess champion Gary Kasparov was not called Gary Kasparov, what would he be called?

Question 3
Can you name the Black African person who took up chess to make himself ineligible for an appointment as a judge? He later went on to become a super blindfold chess player!

Question 4
Alekhine remarked about this person that he would become a future world chess champion, but he quit chess as it was unprofitable and became an insurance salesman. Who was this person?

Question 5
What does Chess King have that no other professional chess learning software on the planet have?

Question 6

White to play and checkmate in two

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