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Monday, October 18, 2010

World Chess Champion a detective?

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Hello Everyone,

Imagine the World Chess Champion as a detective snooping around like Monk or Hercule Poirot? Soon there is going to be a television series with chess as its main motif.

'Endgame' is TV series about a top-ranked chess player who solves unsolvable crimes. The series is being filmed in Vancouver by Thunderbird Films. No word on whether the show, starring Shawn Doyle of 'Big Love,' will air in the US, but it is expected on Canadian TV in the spring.

The series' premise, according to the production company, is that "World Champion chess master Arkady Balagan" is traumatised by the murder of his fiancée, so he holes himself up in a Vancouver hotel, afraid to go out.

To occupy his mind - and earn a living - he finds the answers to mysteries that had stumped police. You can read more here.

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  • At October 18, 2010 at 12:16 PM , Anonymous Sebastian Wolff, New York said...

    Hey Alexandra call up vishy and ask him what he thinks. This is funny yet I am so desperate now to see the series. Guess will have to tell a friend in Canada to record it for me. Thanks in advance.


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