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Friday, October 15, 2010

Wrap your car in a chessboard!

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The snazzy Audi R8

Hello Everyone,

This is for everyone who loves chess and their car. Audi R8 has been turned to a purple chess board by Dartz!

The latest release from Dartz has a purple checkered wrap to spice up the Audi R8 presentation car. Dubbed the Dartz Chess R8, the car has been fully wrapped. Nothing was left uncheckered, not even the Audi logo, side panels, bumpers or the front grille.

According to the press release of Dartz, purple is the ideal color when you get struck by bad luck along the way. Then, you can now enjoy even chess while waiting for help. The combination of black and white is also an option if you want to keep it classic.

How cool! You can read the full press release here and see more photos!

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