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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Chess World Junior & Girls U-20 titles won by Andreikin and Muzychuk

The quaint Chotowa village.

Hi Everybody,

Have you heard of Chotowa, Czarna in Poland? If you are looking for lush pine-oak forests and a nice cool lagoon then that's the place to go. And, if you went to Chotowa this August from 2-17 then possibly you went there for the World Junior and Girls U-20 Chess Championship!

The Championship has been won by Dmitry Andreikin of Russia and Anna Muzychuk of Slovenia. You can find some great photos and details at the official website of the championship.

There was a tie for the first place in the boys' section between GMs Dmitry and Sanan Sjugirov. Both notched up 10.0/13 points. But Dmitry won on tiebreak points.

In the Girls' section top seed Anna Muzychuk led throughout the tournament and had only one tough call which was during the penultimate round. But she survived that and managed a clear first ahead of Olga Girya and Rout Padmini.

Final top standings after thirteen rounds in boys' section

GM Dmitry Andreikin

1. GM Andreikin, Dmitry RUS 2650 10.0
2. GM Sjugirov, Sanan RUS 2610 10.0
3. GM Swiercz, Dariusz POL 2492 9.0
4. GM Matlakov, Maxim RUS 2603 9.0
5. GM Salem, A.R. Saleh UAE 2469 9.0
6. GM Hammer, Jon Ludvig NOR 2636 9.0
7. GM Cordova, Emilio ArturoPER 2560 8.5
8. IM Tomczak, Jacek POL 2509 8.5
9. IM Stupak, Kirill BLR 2504 8.5
10. GM Bindrich, Falko GER 2522 8.5

Final top standings after thirteen rounds in girls' section

IM Anna Muzychuk

1. IM Muzychuk, Anna SLO 2527 11.0
2. WGM Girya, Olga RUS 2376 10.5
3. WGM Padmini, Rout IND 2275 10.0
4. WIM Muminova, Nafisa UZB 2290 9.0
5. CM Bhakti, Kulkarni Pradip IND 2249 9.0
6. WFM Mammadova, Gulnar AZE 2260 8.5
7. WIM Nakhbayeva, Guliskhan KAZ 2216 8.5
8. WGM Guramishvili, Sopiko GEO 2298 8.5
9. WIM Melekhina, Alisa USA 2265 8.5
10. WIM Severiukhina, Zoja RUS 2341 8.5

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