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Friday, July 9, 2010

Mirror Chess Puzzle: Can you checkmate in four?

Magician Derren Brown with nine top chess players

Hello Everyone,

Top Grandmasters often play simultaneous games. A simul is not just fun to play but great to watch also. There is always a big crowd at such events.

But do you think someone who's not a Grandmaster can take on nine professionals and beat or draw with them?

Watch this video 'Trick of the mind' by magician Derren Brown and then decide!

However, that is an old video so, now here is a puzzle based on the trick for you.

What if, in a real game, Black were to mirror every move that White made then could White checkmate in four moves?

For example, in the following game Black mirrors every move of White till White gives check with Qxf7 when Black is forced to move the King. So, the mirroring of move ends with 4. ... Ke8.

Take your time and think about this nice chess puzzle. Remember, from the starting position, White has to checkmate in four and Black has to mirror every move that White makes!

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