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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Business and life similar to chess, says entrepreneur chess-set collector

One of Datuk Sri Edmund Santhara’s chess sets features
pieces depicting traditional English costumes

Hello Everyone!

"Business and life are similar to Chess. There are common objectives and goals, and all the pieces are integrated and work as a team. No pieces are moved for the sake of it and each step has to be meticulously planned and supported," says entrepreneur Datuk Sri Edmund Santhara.

He is a chess-set collector and owns 500 different theme chess sets from around the world!

"You also have problems in chess, and in the business world we have so many problems. We solve them bit by bit just like the problems that arise in chess," says Santhara.

He has the quotation, "In life as in chess, forethought wins” written on his office wall.

You can read the full interview with this chess lover here.

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