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Monday, July 5, 2010

Dzagnidze wins Jermuk Women's Chess Grand Prix 2010 with thrilling performance

Grand Prix Champion: Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia

Hello Everyone!

As expected, GM Nana Dzagnidze of Georgia, has won the Women's Chess Grand Prix 2010 in Jermuk, Armenia. She won it with 9 points out of 11 - a full 1.5 points ahead of GM Tatiana Kosintseva! But for Kosintseva's loss to IM Danielian Elina in the last round of the tournament, the lead would have been narrower.

Also, in the last round, GM Maia Chiburdanidze lost to GM Antoaneta Stefanova and IM Fierro Baquero Martha L. lost to GM Pia Cramling. The other boards had drawn games.

The highlight of the Jermuk Grand Prix have been Dzagnidze's thrilling performance and plenty of fighting chess with very few draws. You can look up the official tournament website for more statistics, photos and interview. You can find key positions in all games here.

Results of Round 11
1. WGM Kovanova Baira-IM Mkrtchian Lilit 2477 1/2-1/2
2. IM Fierro Baquero Martha L-GM Cramling Pia 2536 0-1
3. GM Kosintseva Tatiana-IM Danielian Elina 2473 0-1
4. GM Chiburdanidze Maia-GM Stefanova Antoaneta 2560 0-1
5. GM Dzagnidze Nana-GM Hou Yifan 2589 1/2-1/2
6. WGM Shen Yang-GM Xu Yuhua 2484 1/2-1/2

Final Standings
1. GM Dzagnidze Nana 2478 GEO 9
2. GM Kosintseva Tatiana 2534 RUS 7½
3. IM Mkrtchian Lilit 2477 ARM 6½
4. GM Stefanova Antoaneta 2560 BUL 6½
5. IM Danielian Elina 2473 ARM 6½
6. GM Hou Yifan 2589 CHN 6
7. GM Cramling Pia 2536 SWE 5½
8. WGM Shen Yang 2452 CHN 5½
9. GM Chiburdanidze Maia 2514 GEO 4½
10. GM Xu Yuhua 2484 CHN 4
11. WGM Kovanova Baira 2366 RUS 3
12. IM Fierro Baquero Martha L 2363 ECU 1½

Here is the nice game between Kosintseva and Danielian. You can run it in our pgnplayer or watch it in flash below. Kosintseva missed the 23....Rd3 completely and left the back rank unattended. A quick check and a Rook invasion left her with two choices - save the Queen or lose a Rook. She chose to resign.

PGN: 1. e4 c6 2. d4 d5 3. e5 Bf5 4. Nf3 e6 5. Be2 c5 6. Be3 cxd4 7. Nxd4 Ne7 8. Nd2 Nbc6 9. N2f3 Bg4 10. O-O Bxf3 11. Nxf3 Ng6 12. c4 dxc4 13. Bxc4 Qc7 14. Bb5 Be7 15. Rc1 O-O 16. Bxc6 bxc6 17. Qd4 Rfd8 18. Qc3 Rac8 19. Rfd1 Qb8 20. g3 c5 21. h4 Qb7 22. Rxd8+ Rxd8 23. Nd2 Qd5 24. Nc4 h5 25. Rc2 Qd1+ 26. Kh2 Rd3 0-1

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