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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Searching for Bobby Fischer: A must-see chess movie

Hello Everyone,

Chess is so fascinating that it inspires us in many ways. Chess helps us improve many aspects of our life also. Chess has, therefore, been the theme of several movies, musicals and fiction books. Searching for Bobby Fischer is one such inspiring movie.

But the movie is not really about the genius former World Chess Champion Fischer. It is the story based on the life of Joshua Waitzkin as a little boy. The kid's parents find that he has a special gift for chess. They hire Bruce Pandolfini to teach him.

The sub-title of the move goes: "He wasn't afraid of losing the match... just his father's love."

Here are two sweet scenes from the movie:


Tournament Director: Ok. I want to remind you to conduct yourselves like adults. I don't want any trouble. You know exactly what I'm talking about. If you're going to watch the game, do so from behind the player. No throat noises. No comments. No eye contact. Nobody cares if you're guilty or not. If you all behave yourselves, I think we'll all have a very good time. I'm not kidding.
Tournament Director: [walks away]
Parents: [follows him complaining] My son can't play w/ - My daughter needs her own clock...
Parents: [more various complaints]
Tournament Director: [spins around and shows serious look. Everyone shuts up, and he walks away again]
Parents: [starts complaining about him] Oh! This is unfair!


Bruce Pandolfini: [sets each chess piece up] Now, which one is you?
Josh Waitzkin: What do you mean?
Bruce Pandolfini: Which one is you?
Josh Waitzkin: They're just pieces.
Bruce Pandolfini: [places King in front of Josh] This is you!

The movie is a must-watch for both kids and grown-ups who love chess.

Meanwhile, here is a nice game between Zsofia Polgar and Josh Waitzkin. (And, it's a King's Gambit, Falkbeer Countergambit variation!)

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