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Friday, November 1, 2013

Test post with Chess King Game

Defending champion Viswanathan Anand said at the post-Game 10 press conference that it was clear that Magnus Carlsen has dominated the match. It's fair enough to congratulate him and full credit to him, said Viswanathan Anand. He said that it was Game 5 where things started going wrong and Magnus Carlsen is now the new World Chess Champion. Magnus Carlsen said he was honored to have played the match with Vishy Anand and hoped he (Anand) would be back in the Candidates. For a full report, read Chess Blog. You can replay the game with Chess King here.

Carlsen,M (2870) - Anand,V (2775)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Chennai IND
Date: 2013.11.22
[...] 1.e4 c5 2.♘f3 d6 3.♗b5+ ♘d7 4.d4 cxd4 5.♕xd4 a6 6.♗xd7+ ♗xd7 7.c4 ♘f6 8.♗g5 e6 9.♘c3 ♗e7 10.O-O ♗c6 11.♕d3 O-O 12.♘d4 ♖c8 13.b3 ♕c7 14.♘xc6 ♕xc6 15.♖ac1 h6 16.♗e3 ♘d7 17.♗d4 ♖fd8 18.h3 ♕c7 19.♖fd1 ♕a5 20.♕d2 ♔f8 21.♕b2 ♔g8 22.a4 ♕h5 23.♘e2 ♗f6 24.♖c3 ♗xd4 25.♖xd4 ♕e5 26.♕d2 ♘f6 27.♖e3 ♖d7 28.a5 ♕g5
28...♖cd8 29.b4 ♕h5 30.♕c3 ♖c8 31.♕d3 ♖cd8 32.♕d2 ♕e5 33.f4 ♕h5 34.♖ed3 ♕h4 35.♘c3 e5 36.fxe5 dxe5 37.♖xd7 ♖xd7 38.♖xd7 ♘xd7 39.♕xd7 ♕e1+ 40.♔h2 ♕xc3 41.♕e8+ ♔h7 42.♕xf7 ♕xb4 (0:00:07) 28.a5
28...♖b8 29.b4 ♖bd8 30.f4 ♕h5 31.♖ed3 ♕h4 32.♘c3 e5 33.fxe5 dxe5 34.♖xd7 ♖xd7 35.♖xd7 ♘xd7 36.♕xd7 ♕e1+ 37.♔h2 ♕xc3 38.♕e8+ ♔h7 39.♕xf7 ♕xb4 (0:00:07) 28.a5
29.e5 ♘e8 30.exd6 Carlsen at press conference: Yes when I took on d6, I felt there was something wrong, but it doesn't feel very important now 30...♖c6 31.f4 ♕d8 32.♖ed3 ♖cxd6 33.♖xd6 ♖xd6 34.♖xd6 ♕xd6 35.♕xd6 ♘xd6 36.♔f2 ♔f8 37.♔e3 ♔e7 38.♔d4 ♔d7 39.♔c5 ♔c7 40.♘c3 ♘f5 41.♘e4 ♘e3 42.g3 f5 43.♘d6 g5 44.♘e8+ ♔d7 45.♘f6+ ♔e7 46.♘g8+ ♔f8 47.♘xh6 gxf4 48.gxf4 ♔g7 49.♘xf5+ exf5 50.♔b6 ♘g2 51.♔xb7 ♘xf4 52.♔xa6 ♘e6 53.♔b6 f4 54.a6 f3 55.a7 f2 56.a8=♕ f1=♕ 57.♕d5 ♕e1 58.♕d6 ♕e3+ 59.♔a6 ♘c5+ 60.♔b5 ♘xb3 61.♕c7+ ♔h6 62.♕b6+ ♕xb6+ 63.♔xb6 ♔h5 64.h4 ♔xh4 65.c5 ♘xc5


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