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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Russia Chess Cup of 2012 Begins in Khanty Mansisyk

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Hi everyone,

The final of the 2012 Chess Cup of Russia has begun in Khanty-Mansiysk. The chess tournament is taking place from December 4-11, according to a Chessdom report. The tournament format of the Men’s Cup is 16-players knock-out, with each mini match consisting of two games with classical time control. In case of a tie, rapid games 15′+10” will decide the winner. The starting positions are decided according to the December elo list. Thus the top seed Dmitry Jakovenko is matched against the lowest rated Vladimir Onischuk etc.

The prize fund is 1,65 million RUB, which is around 41,000 EUR. The winner will take around 10,000 EUR, while those who lose in the first round will earn about 1200 EUR each. Round 1 results on the official website. The Women’s Cup is taking place concurrently as 8-players knock-out. The prize fund is 10,000 EUR.

Russian Cup for men:
1. Ernesto Inarkiev 2693
2. Evgeny Romanov 2616
3. Igor Kovalenko 2595 (Ukraine)
4. Dmitry Kokarev 2623
5. Dmitry Bocharov 2620
6. Artyom Timofeev 2598
7. Sergey Grigoriants 2589
8. Vladimir Onischuk 2560 (Ukraine)
9. Bartosz Socko 2631 (Poland)
10. Ildar Khairullin 2632
11. Artur Gabrielian 2589
12. Boris Savchenko 2571
13. Igor Lysyj 2617
14. Pavel Maletin 2567
15. Denis Khismatullin 2647
16. Dmitry Jakovenko 2741

Aleksandra Goryachkina

Russian Cup for women:
1. Elmira Karnaukhova 2365
2. Baira Kovanova 2378
3. Olga Girya 2467
4. Daria Charochkina 2317
5. Alexandra Goryachkina 2397
6. Elmira Mirzoeva 2276
7. Maria Fominykh (replacing Marina Romanko) 2279
8. Ekaterina Timofeeva 2307

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