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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Greatest Secret of Bobby Fischer Revealed!

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Hi everyone,

Book promotion Podgorica: (from left to right) Aleksandar Mihailovic - creator of Bobby Fischer's chess clock, GM Bozidar Ivanovic, Janos Kubat - chess journalist and chess manager, Nenad Nesh Stankovic.

For everyone who emailed us yesterday in response to our Chess Blog post (Special Chess Auction of Bobby Fischer Memorabilia on Oct 14), here's more detailed and interesting information.

On Sunday, October 14, 2012, an auction of one part of chess historic collection owned by Nenad Nesh Stankovic will be held in Philip Weiss Auctions, New York. Offered objects take us 20 years back in time to the “Rematch of XX century” - remake of Iceland chess match from the period of Cold War.

In 1992, “undefeated world chess champion” Robert James Fischer returned after 20 years of self-isolation to the public arena for a never-before held chess event: Fischer - Spassky Rematch.
They came to the town of Sveti Stefan, a resort off the coast of Montenegro, 110 km from the civil war in Bosnia, 200 km from besieged Sarajevo. Fischer played despite United Nations sanctions against Yugoslavia and a warning from the United States Treasury Department, which threatened him with severe penalties for playing. The match arbiter was Lothar Schmid, who had performed the same function 20 years earlier in Iceland. Eugenio Torre, GM from the Philippines, served as Fischer's second, while Spassky had Borislav Ivkov as his second.

The prize money was five million dollars and total financial expenditure was about 50 million dollars. There is lot of historic material and memorabilia relating to Bobby Fischer and that event with Nenad Nesh Stankovic - who was Bobby’s personal secretary and had the chance to spend more than 18 months in close and demanding proximity of the great “genius from Brooklyn”. 

Letter for Nesh
That is how the book “The Greatest Secret of Bobby Fischer – Final Truth about the Greatest Chess Player of All Times” was written. It was published last year in Serbian & Montenegro. The book is going to be out this November in English, Russian and Chinese. 

For the first time, some of Fischer's most intimate confessions and thoughts would be available to the fans of the great chess champion. The book focuses on the ideas which lead Bobby during his life toward misunderstanding, rejection hatred and contempt would be revealed in the book. A media-historic event "Montenegro Chess Week - Bobby Fischer - Return to Eternity" is scheduled to be held at the end of November as a great homage to the one of the greatest chess players ever. 

For the auction: (Sport auction lot # 2200A, 2200B, 2200C and 2200D) 

Book promotion Belgrade: GM Svetozar Gligoric (RIP), Janos Kubat, Nenad Nesh Stankovic and friends.

If you are in NYC on October 14, you just cannot miss the auction. We would love to hear from you if you have already read the book or when you read its English, Russian or Chinese edition.

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