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Friday, May 11, 2012

World Chess Championship 2012 Anand, Gelfand R1 - 24 Move Gruenfeld Draw

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Hi everyone,
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Finally, the World Chess Championship 2012 has begun. The first game was a 24-move Gruenfeld draw. As you know, the World Chess Championship 2012 is being staged in the Tretyakov Gallery in Moscow, between the current World Champion Viswanathan Anand of India and the winner of the Candidates tournament Boris Gelfand of Israel. The match is over twelve games and lasts from May 11 to 30. The prize fund is US $2.55 million, the winner getting $1.53 million (60%), the loser $1,02 million (40%). You can watch an excellent live broadcast on the official website. Meanwhile, here is the first game. 

Anand, Viswanathan (2791) - Gelfand, Boris (2727)

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Moscow RUS
Date: 2012.05.11

[...] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 g6 3.¤c3 d5 4.¤f3 ¥g7 5.cxd5 ¤xd5 6.e4 ¤xc3 7.bxc3 c5 8.¥b5+ ¤c6 9.d5 £a5 10.¦b1 a6 11.¥xc6+ bxc6 12.O-O £xa2 13.¦b2 £a5 14.d6 ¦a7 15.¥g5 exd6 16.£xd6 ¦d7 17.£xc6 £c7 18.£xc7 ¦xc7 19.¥f4 ¦b7 20.¦c2 O-O 21.¥d6 ¦e8 22.¤d2 f5 23.f3 fxe4 24.¤xe4 ¥f5

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  • At May 12, 2012 at 4:05 PM , Anonymous amrit puri, knights chess club, new delhi said...

    defensive start by both as expected we could see fireworks after the second rest day as both test each other :)


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