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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Chess bridges an 83-year Gap!

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Hi everyone,

A quaint story for a chess-filled Sunday - Three times a week, the 88-year-old Porter man arrives at a children's club to teach the game of chess — and the art of gamesmanship — to eager and ready youngsters. He’s been playing the game for longer than most of their parents have been alive.

It is amazing what chess can do! There are 83 years between the two opponents, but nothing stops them from speaking to each other on equal terms across the chessboard.

Christofersen, who has an easy laugh, a piercing stare, untamed white hair and a wild beard, is hard to miss. He stands out like a vintage bottle of wine in a cellar full of Kool-Aid drink boxes.

He looks like Father Time himself. Pants hiked up high. Dapper yet dated suit jacket. A “Chess Master” button near his lapel.

These days, he lives with his son Paul Christofersen in Porter. Paul often drives his father to the Boys & Girls Club. On a busy day, his dad faces five or more young chess opponents.

“Checkmate,” the old man tells a dejected Isaac.

The boy shrugs but, as he’s been taught, shakes the old man’s hand as a girl watches on. Another young player, 10-year-old Jacob, sits down and takes his turn against the chess master sitting in the middle of the noisy play room.

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