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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Saturday chess connections - Hot Russian girls, bridge & shogi!

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Hi everyone,

No matter what we're doing, if we hear this five-letter word beginning with a 'C' mentioned... our ears pop up like a doggy salivating for his bone. Figuratively speaking. So, here are five headlines we found in weekend news from around the world with the 'Chess Connection'. Maybe, not directly about chess, but then as long as the word is mentioned, we HAVE to read them! Enjoy.

Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk on list of 25 hottest Russians in Sports!

If you happen to chance upon this article, you would have loved to see all the women - most of all Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk. What do you say? Can you guess the names of all these other sports stars?

Polish woman breathes fresh air into traditional world of shogi

Shogi is the traditional Japanese chess. We found this story interesting also because it involves a woman - another trailblazer.  WARSAW (Kyodo) - Karolina Styczynska, a 20-year-old Polish university student, is dreaming of an unlikely career in Japan: becoming a rare foreign professional player of the chess-like board game shogi. Styczynska first came across shogi four years ago, when she was reading 'Naruto,' a popular Japanese manga comic series that publisher Shueisha Inc. says has been translated into more than 30 languages including English, French and Polish. Read further here.

Chess and Bridge
We've heard of the chess and bridge thing. This is the story of a talented young bridge player who started off with chess! Read further here.

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  • At March 17, 2012 at 2:53 PM , Anonymous alexis cochran, nz said...

    you know why i think you are the best chess queen? you bring a sportiveness, an innocence, a brilliance, and an intelligence to your sexiness - you ROCK

  • At March 17, 2012 at 6:23 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Wow Chess Quuen

  • At March 18, 2012 at 12:02 PM , Anonymous jason bourne said...

    all credit to you chess queen. you have done a lot for chess. a lot of people learned to blog, tweet, and bring chess into the spotlight. i think you were the trailblazer who started it all. i love to follow all your achievements. all the best.


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