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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Must-watch Xtreme Chess semifinal video!

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Hi everyone,

Here's the super-exciting third semifinal episode of Extreme 'X Chess' Championships. Two of the youngest African-American chessmasters in history - Kassa Korley and Justus Williams - face off while popular Stanford student Elliott Liu contests a wild sacrificial game against poker player Alex Barnett.

Justus Williams broke Kassa’s own record for the youngest African-American master in history and has since been featured in the New York Times. Justus is also one of five players featured in the documentary Brooklyn Castle, which just premiered at the South by SouthWest film festival.

The second semifinals match features poker player Alex Barnett and the popular Stanford student Elliott Liu. This game was the most exciting yet in X Chess, featuring a flurry of “sacrifices”, when a player gives up some of his or her most valuable pieces in order to execute checkmate.

The Extreme Chess Championships is a made for TV competition that showcases the drama of chess and the rush of checkmate. The pace in this single elimination knockout competition, also known as X Chess, is much closer to basketball than golf—each player has less than 20 minutes to complete all his or her moves. The show aims to heighten the awareness of chess and to prove that intellectual pursuits can create thrilling television.

The Extreme Chess Championships is created by filmmaker Daniel Meirom, US Chess League founder and International Master Greg Shahade and author and two-time US Women’s Champion Jennifer Shahade. X Chess is hosted by model and actress Kacie Marie. Jeopardy! Champion Jonathan Corbblah, who has appeared on ESPN, Cash Cab and Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, provides accessible commentary with Jennifer Shahade. The event was hosted at Chess-In-The-Schools, a New York non-profit.

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