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Monday, January 9, 2012

Old chess tales - Playing Bobby Fischer for a draw

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Hi everyone,

We found this interesting video about a senior chess player. In 1964, a Hungarian immigrant who worked at a brewery in Philadelphia played chess legend Bobby Fischer. His name was Anthony Koppany. He passed away on on Oct. 17, 2011. You might say what's so great about a draw in a simul. But then, this is not just about a draw. It's not even about a simul. It's about the passion that chess is!

Here is the game.

Robert James Fischer - A Koppany

Result: 1/2-1/2
Site: Cheltenham
Date: 1964.05.03
[...] 1.e4 g6 2.d4 ¥g7 3.¤c3 d6 4.f4 ¤f6 5.¤f3 O-O 6.¥d3 c5 7.dxc5 ¥d7 8.cxd6 exd6 9.O-O ¥c6 10.f5 gxf5 11.exf5 ¤bd7 12.¢h1 d5 13.¤e2 ¢h8 14.¤g3 £b6 15.¤g5 ¦ae8 16.¤h5 ¥b5 17.¤xg7 ¢xg7 18.¤h3 ¦g8 19.¤f4 ¢h8 20.b3 ¥c6 21.¥b2 d4 22.¥c4 ¦e4 23.¥xf7 ¦g4 24.£d2 ¦exf4 25.¦xf4 ¦xg2 26.£xg2 ¥xg2+ 27.¢xg2 £c6+ 28.¢g1 ¢g7 29.¥c4 b5 30.¥d3 ¤e5 31.¦af1 ¢f7 32.¥xd4 ¤xd3 33.cxd3 £c2 34.¦4f3 ¤g4 35.¦h3 h6 36.¦h4 £e2 37.¥xa7 ¤e5 38.¦h3 ¤g4 39.a4 bxa4 40.bxa4 £a2 41.¦h4 £xa4 42.¥e3 £e8 43.¦xg4 £xe3+ 44.¢h1 £xd3

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