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Monday, June 20, 2011

Number "One" disappeared, why??

The ancestors of-EUROPE ECHECS... (the magazine Europe Chess)

"The Echiquier of France" is dead, long live-EUROPE ECHECS!

This last sentence concluded the editorial of the thirty sixth issue of the December 1958 monthly issue of "The Echiquier of France". Thus was born, from January 1959 the magazine "EUROPE-ECHECS."

The Echiquier of France itself had succeeded to the Echiquier of Paris (period April 1946 to December 1958). The magazine that has accompanied the revival of the noble game difficult after the second world war. The French Chess lovers in 1946 lost their champion, Alexander Alekhine, Russian and French citizen who died earlier that year in Spain.

No doubt some collectors still own some of these print journals. It is much more hypothetical than one of them holding the magazine number one dating from January to February 1946. One reason for this, the first issue of the Echiquier of Paris does not exist! And never existed!

Who can tell me why?

Here is a cliché of the first page of No. 2 dated March 1946.



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