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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Magnus Carlsen 'caught' on secret chess movie date!

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Hi everyone,

This is the truth and nothing but the truth because has photographic proof of it all. World No. 2 - the very talented Grandmaster Magnus Carlsen was on a movie date recently to watch the press screening of award-winning filmmaker Liz Garbus' portrait of one of the most intriguing and enigmatic figures of the 20th century – World Chess Champion Bobby Fischer.

Out in cinemas 15 July in the United Kingdom, Carlsen was at the press screening in Soho, London when GM Gawain Jones, who lives in London, also went to watch the film.

Hold your heart all you girlie fans of Carlsen - The chess genius was accompanied by his manager Espen Agdestein (only). Here is the short interview:

GM Gawain Jones: Your thoughts on the film?
GM Magnus Carlsen: Well there wasn’t much that i didn’t really know before but I haven’t seen any pictures of him before so that was new.

GJ: So that shows a more human side of him.
MC: Yeah, it was sad…

GJ: Yes, and a very moving film. Do you see any similarities between you and him?
MC: I started thinking and although i thought that there was a little too much emphasis that chess players go “points to his head” insane which I think these days just doesn’t happen – that much but I mean it made me think and also realise even more chess was a different game back then.

GJ: But chess probably kept him sane for longer…
MC: It was really sad to hear him say what he was saying after the match and everything. It was even a bit funny to hear him say he was going to play more chess.

GJ: And the last thing he said and he didn’t play for another 20 years!
MC: Yeah.

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