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Friday, January 21, 2011

Tata Steel Chess Super-GM R5: Anand beats Smeets, leads Group A

Hi Everybody,

World Champions Viswanathan Anand pulled off a nice win over Jan Smeets in the fifth round at the Tata Steel Super-GM 2011 in Wijk aan Zee. You can find more information at the official website here.

Here are the Round 5 results though before that in case you missed the Opening day and other videos.

Round 5 results

Group A

Round 5 - Thursday the 20th
J. Smeets - V. Anand0-1
M. Carlsen - E. l'Ami1-0
H. Nakamura - R. Ponomariov½-½
M. Vachier-Lagrave - A. Giri½-½
I. Nepomniachtchi - A. Shirov½-½
V. Kramnik - L. Aronian½-½
W. Hao - A. Grischuk1-0

Group B

Round 5 - Thursday the 20th
L. McShane - L. Fressinet½-½
R. Wojtaszek - F. Nijboer1-0
L. Liem - V. Tkachiev½-½
G. Sargissian - L. Chao½-½
J. Hammer - W. Spoelman1-0
Z. Efimenko - D. Navara1-0
S. Ganguly - W. So0-1

Group C

Round 5 - Thursday the 20th
I. Ivanisevic - B. Bok1-0
K. Lahno - S. Siebrecht1-0
D. Swiercz - M. van der Werf0-1
I. Nyzhnyk - R. Pruijssers1-0
R. van Kampen - T. Sachdev½-½
D. Vocaturo - M. Bluvshtein1-0
M. Kazhgaleyev - J.W. de Jong1-0

Standings after round 5

Group A

1.V. Anand4
2.H. Nakamura
3.L. Aronian
A. Giri
M. Vachier-Lagrave
6.M. Carlsen
V. Kramnik
I. Nepomniachtchi
R. Ponomariov
10.W. Hao
E. l'Ami
J. Smeets
13.A. Grischuk
14.A. Shirov1

Group B

1.L. McShane4
2.Z. Efimenko
3.L. Fressinet
G. Sargissian
W. So
R. Wojtaszek
7.D. Navara
8.L. Chao
J. Hammer
F. Nijboer
W. Spoelman
V. Tkachiev
13.S. Ganguly
L. Liem

Group C

1.D. Vocaturo
2.I. Nyzhnyk4
3.K. Lahno
4.M. Bluvshtein
M. van der Werf
6.B. Bok
I. Ivanisevic
T. Sachdev
S. Siebrecht
10.M. Kazhgaleyev
D. Swiercz
12.R. van Kampen
13.R. Pruijssers1
14.J.W. de Jong½

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