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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Super video - Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk reveals secret fantasy

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Hi Everybody,

Before we say anything, watch this awesome/fun video!

Yes, this is about Chess Queen Alexandra Kosteniuk's secret fantasy. She wants to become world champion in ChessAttack also now. It's all about less board, more battle. Double the fun, double excitement - in all your punches.

ChessAttack is HERE.

Chess Attack is a chess variant played on a rectangular board of six rows (called ranks and denoted with numbers 1 to 6) and five columns (called files, denoted with letters a to e) of squares. It can be seen as a chess game exclusively devoted to endplay.

Chess Queen Grandmaster Alexandra Kosteniuk playing a game of Chess Attack.

Setup and rules

Each player starts with one king, one queen, one rook, one bishop (of alternate colors), one knight and five pawns. Apart from the initial setup, the game follows all conventional chess rules.

History and use

The game was invented by the Norwegian game designer Werner Kling in 2008, both as a tool to introduce a simplified chess variant to younger players and for experienced players to hone endgame skills. It's being used as a training tool by players such as Magnus Carlsen, Simen Agdestein and Alexandra Kosteniuk.
Chess Attack is also available for mobile phones and as a Facebook game.

Like ChessAttack on Facebook here, check it out at and

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