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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Giant ice chess set in Grand Rapids

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The ice at Rosa Parks Circle is painted as a giant chess board.

Hi Everybody,

This is artistic chess news from Grand Rapids - Rosa Parks Circle. The Grand Rapids Art Museum and the Downtown Alliance are sponsoring the creation of a giant ice chess set by Randy Finch and Derek Maxfield. Not only would they spend a whole day making and setting up the pieces on the giant snow chess board but they would also play a game afterwards. What a show.

"We've been working on the chess pieces for over a month and a half. The chess sculpture was one of the first designs we had marketed for the show and we knew we had a lot of work to get it done. We've been working on it slowly as we've been producing the other sculptures," said Finch.

The show Finch referred to is the Food Network's 'Ice Brigade' which will film Tuesday's event. The chess set will remain at Rosa Parks Circle until spring. How beautiful!

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