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Monday, December 6, 2010

Women's World Chess Championship 2010 - 7 playoff matches played

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Top-rated at 2600 - Koneru Humpy
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Hello Everyone,
The first round at the Women's World Chess Championship 2010 saw some upsets of higher-rated players with Yildiz knocking out Pia Cramling, Kovanova knocking out Pogonina, Shadrina knocking out Danielian, Ovod knocking out Shen Yang and Romanko knocking out Zhukova.

List of players making it to Round 2 after the first two games in Round 1 is as follows

  • GM Cmilyte, Viktorija LTU 2514 - WGM Demina, Julia RUS 2323 2-0
  • GM Cramling, Pia SWE 2526 - WIM Yildiz, Betul Cemre TUR 2225 0.5-1.5
  • GM Danielian, Elina ARM 2466 - WGM Shadrina, Tatiana RUS 2384 0-2
  • GM Koneru, Humpy IND 2600 - WGM Greeff, Melissa RSA 2082 2-0
  • GM Kosintseva, Tatiana RUS 2581 - WGM Mona, Khaled EGY 2093 2-0
  • GM Socko, Monika POL 2495 - WGM Soumya, Swaminathan IND 2332 1.5-0.5
  • GM Stefanova, Antoaneta BUL 2548 - WFM Aliaga Fernandez, Ingrid Y PER 2154 2-0
  • GM Zhao, Xue CHN 2474 - IM Fierro Baquero, Martha L.ECU 2363 1.5-0.5
  • GM Zhukova, Natalia UKR 2447- IM Romanko, Marina RUS 2414 0.5-1.5
  • IM Turova, Irina RUS 2439 - IM Khukhashvili, Sopiko GEO 2430 0.5-1.5
  • IM Vasilevich, Irina RUS 2333- GM Sebag, Marie FRA 2494 0-2
  • IM Zatonskih, Anna USA 2478 - IM Lomineishvili, Maia GEO 2347 2-0
  • WGM Kovanova, Baira RUS 2380-WGM Pogonina, Natalija RUS 2472 2-0
  • WGM Meenakshi Subbaraman IND 2328 - GM Chiburdanidze, Maia GEO 2502 0-2
  • WGM Nadig, Kruttika IND 2230-IM Harika, Dronavalli IND 2525 0.5-1
  • WGM Shen, Yang CHN 2461-IM Ovod, Evgenija RUS 2387 0.5-1.5
  • WIM Heredia Serrano, Carla ECU 2087- GM Hou, Yifan CHN 2591 0-2
  • WIM Kagramanov, Dina CAN 2101- GM Dzagnidze, Nana GEO 2551 0-2
  • WIM Mezioud, Amina ALG 2029- GM Kosteniuk, Alexandra RUS 2507 0-2
  • WIM Muminova, Nafisa UZB 2360- GM Zhu, Chen QAT 2477 0-2
  • WIM Ozturk, Kubra TUR 2264- GM Lahno, Kateryna UKR 2522 0.5-1.5
  • WIM Zuriel, Marisa ARG 2208- IM Muzychuk, Anna SLO 2530 0-2

All those going for the playoffs:

  • IM Dembo, Yelena GRE 2454 - IM Munguntuul, Batkhuyag MGL 2409
  • IM Mkrtchian, Lilit ARM 2479 - WGM Zhang, Xiaowen CHN 2339
  • IM Paehtz, Elisabeth GER 2474 - WGM Zawadzka, Jolanta POL 2368
  • IM Skripchenko, Almira FRA 2460 - IM Foisor, Cristina-Adela ROU 2403
  • IM Ushenina, Anna UKR 2460 - WGM Huang, Qian CHN 2402
  • WGM Ding, Yixin CHN 2370 - GM Hoang Thanh Trang HUN 2473
  • WGM Ruan, Lufei CHN 2480 - WGM Baginskaite, Camilla USA 2336

You can follow all the action live at the official website here. You can find live games, lot of other stuff like videos and photos too at the website. Enjoy!

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  • At December 6, 2010 at 10:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Much to happen yet. This is going to take long... I am going to London.

  • At December 6, 2010 at 10:32 AM , Anonymous Alexis Cochran, New Zealand said...

    My daily prayer for you Chess Queen.

    For You Chess Queen I will post this comment every day so please don't delete it.

    Prayer for Victory
    A Psalm of David.

    JEHOVAH answer thee in the day of trouble;
    The name of the God of Jacob set thee up on high;
    Send thee help from the sanctuary,
    And strengthen thee out of Zion;
    Remember all thy offerings,
    And accept thy burnt sacrifice; [Selah
    Grant thee thy heart’s desire,
    And fulfil all thy counsel.
    We will triumph in thy salvation,
    And in the name of our God we will set up our banners:
    Jehovah fulfil all thy petitions.
    Now know I that Jehovah saveth his anointed;
    He will answer him from his holy heaven
    With the saving strength of his right hand.
    Some trust in chariots, and some in horses;
    But we will make mention of the name of Jehovah our God.
    They are bowed down and fallen;
    But we are risen, and stand upright.
    Save, Jehovah:
    Let the King answer us when we call.

  • At December 6, 2010 at 11:11 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    I am already looking forward to the fireworks of the Round 2. Bet there will be a whole lot more playoffs.

  • At December 6, 2010 at 11:18 AM , Blogger Chess Blog Admin said...

    Updated Results of Playoff

    IM Dembo, Yelena GRE 2454-IM Munguntuul, Batkhuyag MGL 2409 1.5-0.5
    IM Mkrtchian, Lilit ARM 2479-WGM Zhang, Xiaowen CHN 2339 0-2
    IM Paehtz, Elisabeth GER 2474-WGM Zawadzka, Jolanta POL 2368 2-0
    IM Skripchenko, Almira FRA 2460 IM Foisor, Cristina-Adela ROU 2403 1-1
    IM Ushenina, Anna UKR 2460-WGM Huang, Qian CHN 2402 0.5-1.5
    WGM Ding, Yixin CHN 2370-GM Hoang Thanh Trang HUN 2473 0.5-1.5
    WGM Ruan, Lufei CHN 2480-WGM Baginskaite, Camilla USA 2336 1.5-0.5

  • At December 7, 2010 at 8:08 AM , Blogger Chess Blog Admin said...

    Update 2 Results of Playoff Round 1
    Foisor, Cristina-Adela ROU IM 2403 - Skripchenko, Almira FRA IM 2460 2.5-3.5


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