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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Funky talking chess set costs $30,000

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Hello Everyone,
Here is an interesting chess set designed by American artist Barbara Kruger. It is totally hand-built and engineered in a 'marble-like' material called Corian. Each of the pieces has the ability to 'talk' interactively as players make their moves. The unique talking feature is achieved through complex electronics which incorporate three integrated computers and ninety six microprocessors.

When a piece is placed on a square a comment is heard. For example:
#1 - Don't even Think About it
#2 - Why Prolong The Pain
#3 - You're good...
#5 - Don't argue with me...
#6 (heavy Breathing)
#7 - C'mon...

The idea is to have a 'animated talking' chess game. Each time the comments are different. But the set costs $30,000!

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