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Friday, October 1, 2010

Top quotes from celebrities at 2010 Chess Olympiad

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Main playing hall at the Olympiad

Hi Everyone,

The official press conferences and the interviews were very cool. We had some great answers by all the fantastic people who are here at the 39th Chess Olympiad. Here is a special pick of all the interesting answers that we spotted. Enjoy.!

Bulgarian GM Veselin Topalov's answer

Q. What is the secret of success?

Veselin Topalov: You need to believe in yourself, and everything will be okay!

Spanish team and their captain's answers

Q. Do you have any idols among the Grandmasters?

Daniel Alsina: Since I was a child I admired the Hungarian Grandmaster Peter Leko. I even tried to repeat his openings. Magnus Carlsen deserves to be an idol now, because he is number one in the FIDE Rating List.

Jesus De la Villa Garcia: Garry Kasparov was the idol at my time. As for today, I follow the games of Vassily Ivanchuk now.

Francisco Vallejo Pons: I wouldn’t not say that I have an idol, my attitude towards it is too subjective. In the past several years I have met almost all famous chess players of our time. They are more opponents for me than idols. I can say that the only idol for me is Rybka (the strongest computer program in the world)

Jamaican team's answers

Q. What do you learn from chess?

Deborah Richards: Chess teaches us such qualities as patience, decisiveness and determination. We learn how to reach our goals whatever the price it would be. For me chess is life. Playing at the chess board gives me strength and belief in dreams.

Aneesha Smith: As for me, chess teaches me to be calm since I am rather aggressive and I lack patience. Playing chess is very positive for my nerves and makes me look at it in a different way.

Q. If it suddenly snows in Khanty-Mansiysk – will you experience it for the first time?

All together:Yes!!!

Aneesha Smith: We have never seen snow in our life and if it snows, it will be unforgettable for us!

Italian team captain Artur Kogan's answers

Q. How do you motivate your players?

Artur Kogan: This is a small secret of our team. My system is based on positive thinking. I have faith in my players and instill hope in them.

Q. You mean that the players must visualize their opponents resigning on the 10th move or something like that?

Artur Kogan: This is actually pretty close. Positive thinking is based on believing in your own strength and fearlessness. My players do not fear their opponents and are always motivated.

Armenian team member Gabriel Sargissian's answer

Q. Your team is famous for its unity and friendship. Do you feel the teammates’ support?

– Yes. There are no conflicts in our team; we never count how many times someone had White or Black, for example. We play together for many years and know each other well – this is also very important.

Ukrainian GM Ruslan Ponomariov's answer

– I relax while cooking. And it is always pleasant to cook for someone. But I cook once a week to enjoy it, because I don’t want to turn everything into routine.

Australian GM David Smirdon's answer

Q. What kind of food do you like?

– Hot – like everything in life.

Georgian GM Baadur Jobava's answer

Q. Baadur, the first board competition is very tough. You will face Aronian, Kramnik, Ivanchuk... Do you fear any of these people?

I have never been afraid to play stronger and more experienced opponents. Maybe it helped me to become a professional player. Now I have experience too. You should never play scared!

Chief arbiter Sava Stoisavljevic's answer

Q. You are the first woman working as a Chief Arbiter at the Olympiad. Were you surprised when the organizers invited you to Khanty-Mansiysk?

– Yes and no. Many women occupy highly responsible posts, for instance, the local Governor Natalya Komarova. For a long time chess was an exception, but not anymore. I am grateful to Kirsan Ilyumzhinov for supporting my candidacy.
I realize that being a Chief Arbiter at the Olympiad is a career summit for an arbiter. However, the time will pass and bring new motivation, while now I am simply enjoying myself and my favorite job.

If we missed any quote don't forget to send it to us.

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