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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A cool chess poem!

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Hello Everyone,

Chess lovers do such creative things. Here is an interesting chess poem that we found here.

A game of chess


Nikhil Parekh- Love Poet

Pieces of stone molded to artistic pawns,
royal knights maneuvering handsomely on the board,
sturdy rooks marching straight with dexterous ease,
hunchbacked bishops gliding through diagonal streets,

haughty queen parading on all quarters of the board,
the resolute king taking a step at a time,
minuscule pawns were killed in initial encounter,
infinite permutations kept going on,

the well spun chess cloth shone in yellow bulb light,
automatic clocks ticked with player moves,
giant screen flashed moves to millions of people,
the indoor auditorium brimmed to capacity,

crowd mass took bated breaths, stayed glued to their

the battle on board grew tense,
as the day was divested of passing hours,

his tapered fingers eventually slammed a piece down,
chorused smiles reflected on thousands seated,
as well as the ones witnessing it on silver screen,
the winner proudly shook hands with the ruling

flung the trophy high towards kingdom of the creator,
grimaced his teeth in exuberance,
to announce his victory in the world of chess,
crowning him as the reigning 'WORLD CHESS CHAMPION'

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