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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Women's Chess Grand Prix: Hou Yifan leads with one round to go

An interesting photo from the
second rest day at Ulan Bator.

Hi Everybody,

The Ulan Bator Women's Chess Grand Prix is poised for an exciting finish. Leader after the tenth round, the talented Hou Yifan is set to play Antoaneta Stefanova in the final round. Yifan has 7.5 points while Stefanova has 7.0 points.

Koneru Humpy and Tatiana Kosintseva had the chance of catching up with the two leaders but they both lost their respective games.

Here are the results of the penultimate round. You can find photos and other details on the official website.

Results of Round 10

1. WGM Shen Yang-GM Xu Yuhua ½ - ½
2. GM Koneru Humpy-GM Zhao Xue 0-1
3. GM Sebag Marie-GM Kosintseva Tatiana 1-0
4. WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre-GM Stefanova Antoaneta 0-1
5. GM Hou Yifan-IM Munguntuul Batkhuyag 1-0
6. GM Zhu Chen-GM Chiburdanidze Maia 1-0

Standings after Round 10

1. GM Hou Yifan
2. GM Stefanova Antoaneta 7
3. GM Zhao Xue 6
4. GM Koneru Humpy 6
5. GM Kosintseva Tatiana
6. GM Chiburdanidze Maia
7. GM Xu Yuhua 5
8. WGM Shen Yang
9. GM Zhu Chen 4
10. IM Munguntuul Batkhuyag
11. GM Sebag Marie
12. WIM Yildiz Betul Cemre 2

Meanwhile, here is the nice Humpy-Xue game. You can check the moves in the pgnplayer or watch in flash below.

PGN: 1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nf3 b6 4. g3 Ba6 5. Qa4 Bb7 6. Bg2 c5 7. dxc5 Bxc5 8. O-O O-O 9. Nc3 Be7 10. Rd1 Na6 11. Bf4 Nc5 12. Qc2 Qc8 13. Rd4 d5 14. Rc1 Nce4 15. Nxe4 dxe4 16. Ne5 g5 17. Bxg5 Qc5 18. Bxf6 Bxf6 19. Rd7 Bc8 20. Ng4 Bg5 21. Rdd1 f5 22. b4 Qxb4 23. Rb1 Qc5 24. Rb5 Qc7 25. f4 exf3 26. Bxf3 Ba6 27. Re5 Rad8 28. Rxd8 Rxd8 29. Kg2 Bc8 30. h4 Be7 31. Re3 fxg4 32. Bxg4 Bc5 33. Bxe6+ Kg7 34. Re4 Bb7 35. Bd5 Rxd5 36. cxd5 Bxd5 37. Kh3 Bxe4 38. Qxe4 Qd7+ 39. g4 Qe7 0-1

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