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Saturday, August 7, 2010

'Chess distinguishes us from Neanderthals'

We have evolved surely: Grandmaster Michal Krasenkow

Hello Everyone,

This is such a celebration of chess: Grandmaster Michal Krasenkow says, "Chess distinguishes us from Neanderthals!".

Michal Krasenkow was the first grandmaster to take part in the 'KC-Conference' project at Crestbook. KC is KasparovChess, the name of the forum where members were asked to submit questions.

Regarding a chess professional's financial life, the grandmaster says, "As I said, in chess I’m freelance. I play in tournaments and leagues, I train, I write articles, i.e. I do various things but all of them are connected in some way with chess. I don’t particularly try to earn money by any other means – in business, I’m absolutely nothing. I’m not complaining (touch wood!) about the current state of affairs. It never even occurred to me to compare my income (as Oleg Korneev does) with the earnings of bankers and managers :)"

He also said, "At the highest level the majority of games are still decided by a struggle at the board. And human memory isn’t unlimited. Computer assistance is a problem. For now it’s still a marginal phenomenon. Human nature comes to the rescue – chess players usually want to win on their own, without anyone’s help. But you can’t rely on nature for too long. We need to come up with effective anti-cheating measures."

You can read more details and the translated interview here.

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