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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chess a window to gender attitudes?

Men versus women: Chess reveals nature
Swedish researcher Patrik Gränsmark

Hello Everyone,

We found this interesting study about behaviour of men and women chess players detailed as a news report here.

The study states that male chess players show elevated aggressiveness against women! The study was conducted at the Stockholm University.

The researchers have concluded that men chess players tend to play aggressive openings against female opponents of the same playing strength, even if it increases the probability of losing the game. That has to be classified as irrational behavior.

The paper was presented by Swedish researcher Patrik Gränsmark.

The evaluators were three female and five male chess players. The two Grandmasters Pia Cramling and Evgenij Agrest were the highest rated players.

The figure displays how the judges reasoned when labeling an opening as either aggressive or solid.

Chess gives fantastic scope for studying male and female psychological behaviour as it reduces the importance of the factor of physical strength when comparing men and women as not possible in other sports.

Do let me know what you think of the results of this study. You can also download a report from the main article.

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