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Friday, July 2, 2010

Jermuk Women's Chess Grand Prix: Martha Fierro's nice win against Xu Yuhua

IM Martha Fierro Baquero of Ecuador

Hello Everybody,

Jermuk Women's Grand Prix 2010 has been a disappointment for IM Fierro Baquero Martha L so far. But, she finally opened her account by scoring a full point against GM Xu Yuhua in the 7th round. It took Fierro some time to decide whether to give up two rooks for the Queen. Finally, she went for it and earned her first point at the Grand Prix.

Her victory got overshadowed in the excellent performance that GM Nana Dzagnidze has shown so far at the tournament.

Here is the Fierro-Yuhua game. You can run it in our pgnplayer or watch it in the flashplayer below.

PGN: 1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 c5 4. exd5 Qxd5 5. Ngf3 cxd4 6. Bc4 Qd6 7. O-O Nf6 8. Nb3 Nc6 9. Nbxd4 Nxd4 10. Nxd4 a6 11. Re1 Bd7 12. Bg5 Qc5 13. Bxe6 fxe6 14. Bxf6 gxf6 15. Nxe6 Bxe6 16. Rxe6+ Kf7 17. Qd7+ Be7 18. Rae1 Rhe8 19. b4 Qxb4 20. R6e4 Qd6 21. Qf5 Rh8 22. Re6 Qc7 23. R1e4 h5 24. Rxe7+ Qxe7 25. Qd5+ Kf8 26. Rxe7 Kxe7 27. Qxb7+ Ke6 28. h4 Rac8 29. Qxa6+ Kf7 30. Qb7+ Kg6 31. Qe4+ Kg7 32. a4 Rc7 33. Qf5 Ra8 34. a5 Rca7 35. Qxh5 Rxa5 36. Qg4+ Kf7 37. Qd7+ Kg6 38. Qg4+ Kf7 39. Qc4+ Kg7 40. Qc7+ Kg6 41. g4 R8a7 42. Qd8 Kg7 43. Kg2 Rc5 44. h5 Rac7 45. Qe8 Rg5 46. Kg3 Kh7 47. f4 Rgg7 48. Qe4+ Kh8 49. Qe6 Rgf7 50. c4 Kg7 51. c5 Rce7 52. Qf5 Rc7 53. Qg6+ Kh8 54. c6 Rf8 55. h6 Rff7 56. Qe4 Rce7 57. Qd3 Rc7 58. Qc2 Rc8 59. Qg6 Rcc7 60. Kh4 Rf8 61. Kh5 Rff7 62. Qe4 Rce7 63. Qd5 Rf8 64. Qd6 Ref7 65. Kg6 Kg8 66. Qe6 1-0

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