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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Chess Puzzle: Can you think like Fischer?

Boris Spassky and Bobby Fischer, Rekjyavik, 1972

Hello Everyone,

Here is a nice position from a World Championship game between Bobby Fischer and Boris Spassky. Fischer was known to play 1.e4. But when Fischer came to play Game 6 in the World Chess Championship in Rekjyavik, 1972, he shocked not only Spassky but the whole chess world by playing 1.c4 ! Everyone was stunned. Fischer went on to play the Queen's Gambit for the first time in his life.

Here is a position from that game and you have to guess the next best move:

Position after 19. ... fxe6

What would you play if you were Fischer?
  • Is it theory to play f4 and fixing Black pawns on the same color as the White bishop
  • Black is already in trouble so it's best to handle the pawns right away with e4
  • b4 also strikes at the Black pawn structure well and would help control d4 at some stage
  • What's the problem in getting a free pawn with Bxa6
  • Black's c-pawn is dangerous so better fix it first with b3
Take your time and think. Don't scroll down for the answer till you have spent some time analysing the position.

--------------------- Here is a hint ------------------------------------

Remember that Fischer was an attacking player. So, even if he played 1.c4 it didn't mean that the attacking spirit was gone.


Fischer played 20. e4

Bishop taking the a pawn means getting into trouble with Rook swinging on to c6 and since White does not have a Knight there is not much need of outposts either.

Here is the full game that you can play in our pgnplayer or watch it in flash below. You will enjoy the way Fischer finishes off the game.

But Fischer's strangest move was after winning the World Championship. He disappeared from the chess world.

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