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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Combination by Menchik

Here is a nice tactical example from the game of the first women's world chess champion Vera Menchik and George Thomas of 1932. The game started with the King's Indian Defence and we can see that White is attacking on the king side and Black is attacking on the queen side.But some of the White pieces (like the knight on c3) are there to protect White's king, while Black left the Black monarch alone and Menchik uses this factor, finishing the game in a nice precise way. Black just played 19. ... a3 and it's white to move.

Menchik played 20. f6+! Black can not take now on f6 since after 20 ... Kxf6 21. Qg5+ Kg7 22. h6+ Kg8 23. Qf6 threatening to play Qg7# Black will not have any defence from the checkmate. So in the game Black played 20. ... Kh8 21. Qh6 axb2+ 22. Kb1 Rg8 23. hxg6 fxg6 and here it's White to move again and Menchik finished the game with a very beautiful tactical blow.

Vera Menchik played 24. Qxh7+! and Black resigned since after 24. ... Kxh7 he will be checkmated after 25. Rh1#
Here is a pgn of the game. That you can copy and paste into the and then replay the whole game.

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  • At July 8, 2009 at 6:25 PM , Anonymous Joshua said...

    Very nice game and combination, I showed it to my chess class students.

    Thank you Alex for all you do for chess.


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