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Monday, March 31, 2014

Handsome Guy Makes Chess Exciting on the Beach

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Hello everyone,

A New Way to Have Fun at the Beach with Chess

Guess what beach- and chess-lover Timothy Callahan is up to! He just told Chess Blog, "One of my favorite summer rituals is riding the F train down to Coney Island and spending an entire day at the beach. Having grown tired of the usual Frisbee or book I invented a new way to have fun at the beach: Beach Chess."

Beach Chess consists of two cubes (one white, one black) that have the outline of one of each of the six unique chess pieces (pawn, rook, knight, bishop, king, queen) on each of the cube's six faces.

The black cube makes a fully depressed imprint in the sand whereas the white cube only makes an outlined imprint so you can tell the difference between the "white" and "black" pieces as shown below:

  • cube's side will measure about 2 1/2" square and is easily held in the hand. To play you simply draw the board with your finger and then line up your pieces by using the block to make imprints:

When you want to move a piece you make a new imprint where you want the piece to move and then use the edge of the cube to wipe away the previous imprint. When a piece is captured it is registered by the side of the board.

Timothy Callahan is going for crowd funding for this exciting chess project: 

His progress so far:

- I have 3d printed a prototype set and tested it at the beach. It works great!
- I am in communication with an injection molding company and have gone through several iterations of 3d drawings, finally coming up with a workable mold design.
- I have received a price quote for mass production with injection molding and can have the parts completed and ready for delivery in as little as 15 days after my project is funded. All funds will go towards the price of tooling for creating this one of a kind toy.

The Impact

You can be instrumental in the creation of this unique and beautiful object
Makes a fantastic gift for the chess player in your life

Beach Chess is not only a fun game to play at the beach but also a great way to get kids interested in chess
Callahan says, "If successfully funded I will be able to open a dedicated online store and engage in further production runs to share Beach Chess with even more people. I have chosen the fixed funding option, so you will only be charged if the project is successfully funded."
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