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Saturday, March 1, 2014

3 Reasons Why Humans will Always Love Chess

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Hello everyone,

No matter what they say about computers destroying chess, human chess is unlikely to lose its appeal ever... yes, ever! Here are 3 reasons why... 

1 - Feeling lonely? Go play chess: Chess fulfills need for a human connection. Bots, computers can never fulfill the basic human "need" to connect to each other. Chess is like plugging straight into another mind - whether you play online or across the board. Chess always works as a great fix for loneliness. 
2- Chess a cool symbol of Artistic/intellectual Excellence: Chess has become an intrinsic part of our culture across the planet. It's thrilling to find a chess motif in movies, on television, in paintings, songs, theatre etc. Chess has become (and is likely to remain) a cool symbol and motif for the best there is in human endeavour in terms of artistic and intellectual pursuits. No video game has yet been able to replace that.
3- Chess forges exciting friendships: Chess is one universal language understood all over the globe. Chess can help you reach out to complete strangers with polar opposite cultural, political, social outlooks and yet, bond together in healthy competition and exciting friendship. 

We don't think humans will ever stop loving chess... don't you agree?

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