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Monday, August 19, 2013

World Chess Team Championship Regulations for Antalya Announced

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Hi everyone, 

The regulations for the 2013 World Chess Championship have been announced. The event will be held from 24th November– 06th December 2013, in Antalya, Turkey.

The participating federations are:
a. Armenia (Winner 2011)
b. Russia (2012 Olympiad)
c. Ukraine (2012 Olympiad)
d. Netherlands (2012 Olympiad )
e. Germany (Europe Qualifier)
f. USA (America Qualifier)
g. China (Asia Qualifier)
h. Egypt (Africa Qualifier)
i. Türkiye (Host Country)
j. To be announced (FIDE President’s Nomination)

Each team will consist of 5 athletes (4 players + 1 reserve) and one coach/captain of the team for a total of 6 persons. These 6 people from each participating team will be provided with full hospitality including lodging, accommodation in a single room of a 5-star hotel. Limak Limra Hotel(5 stars). Each additional or accompanying person will pay. All players are obliged to participate in opening and closing ceremony.

The tournament will be played according to zero tolerance rules and draw offers will not be made for the first 30 moves. All federations participating accept that they will comply fully with these regulations. The tournament hall will be in the hotel where the players would be staying.

Each federation is responsible to cover their own travelling expenses to Antalya International Airport. From the Antalya International Airport to the Hotel in Antalya, transportation will be provided for the 6 persons registered as the team for the participating federations. The federations have to complete the registration by September 26. 

The championships will be played using a 9 round, round-robin system. Each team will play a match against all other teams. Colours and starting numbers will be drawn at the Opening Ceremony. Time control for the event is 90’/40 moves +30’/end, + 30” increment per move, starting from move 1. Each round the list of the team composition for that round will be delivered to arbiters at 09:00 am. Otherwise, that round the top 4 boards will be accepted as the playing team. For the last round the team composition will be delivered at 22:00 pm.

Each match will be scored by match points as used in the FIDE Olympiad. Winner will get 2 points, a draw will give each team 1 point, and a loss is scored as 0 points. If any teams finish with equal game points, the tie shall be resolved as follows:
a. by board points in total.
b. if a tie again results, the scores obtained by the tying teams against each other will decide;
c. if a tie again results, then Berger system will be used.
d. if a tie again results, it shall be decided by board count (Berlin System) as follows:
a win on Board 1 = 4 points
a win on Board 2 = 3 points
a win on Board 3 = 2 points
a win on Board 4 = 1 point

In case of drawn games these points are shared. If the board-count results in no victory for either side then the board points of Board 4 are cancelled and so on upwards until the tie is broken.

e. if a tie still results between teams in contention for medals, these teams shall play a match against each other at a fast time-rate (15 minutes per player for the entire game);

f. if this match is indecisive, then lots shall be drawn.

Cups will be awarded to the first three teams and gold, silver and bronze medals for all members (players, reserve and captain) of the first three teams respectively. Players assigned to the same board number in their respective team lists will be in competition with each other for an individual board prize (gold, silver and bronze medals). For the purpose of this award, the players’ percentage scores from their games will be compared, then points, number of games and performance. Only the following will be eligible for board prizes:

Players of boards 1 to 4 who take part in at least 60% of the rounds (i.e. at least in 6 games for 9 rounds). Players of board 5 who take part in at least 50% of the rounds (i.e. at least in 5 games for 9 rounds).

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