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Friday, July 26, 2013

114th Annual United States Open Chess Championship from July 27 in Wisconsin

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Hi everyone, 

A photo from the Wisconsin Chess Association Website

The 114th Annual United States Open Chess Championship will take place on 27 July - 4 August 2013 at the Madison Marriott West, 1313 John Q Hammons Drive, Middleton, Wisconsin 53562.

Prize Fund
$50,000 based on 500 paid entries - else proportional - $40,000 Guaranteed!! [80% of each prize]. Top US player not otherwise qualified will qualify for the 2014 US Championship!
A one section tournament with Class prizes.

Prizes [Projected]

Top Places: $8000-4000-2000-1500-1000-700-500-400. Clear winner - $200 bonus.
If tie for first, top two on tiebreak play speed game [W - 5 min, B - 3 min and draw odds] for bonus and title.

Class Prizes:
Top Master[2200-2399]: $2400-1200-600-300.
Top Expert[2000-2199]: $2400-1200-600-300.
Class A[1800-1999]: $2400-1200-600-300.
Class B[1600-1799]: $2400-1200-600-300.
Class C[1400-1599]: $2000-1000-500-300.
Class D[1200-1399]: $1500-700-400-200.
Class E & Below[<1200 br="">Unrated: $700-400-200.

Special Prizes for Life Titles:

Special Prizes may be won in addition to a Place prize or a Class prize.

Top Life Senior Master U2500: $600
Top Life Master or Original Life Master U2300: $600
Top Candidate Master (or higher title) U2100: $500
Top First Category (or higher title) U1900: $500
Top Second Category (or higher title) U1700: $500
Top Third Category (or higher title) U1500: $400
Top Fourth Category (or higher title) U1300: $300

Note: Life Titles must be established by 1 July 2013. Special Life Title Prizes will be calculated and awarded by 23 August 2013.

Special Prizes for Mixed Doubles: [per couple]Special Prizes may be won in addition to a Place prize or a Class prize.

First Place - $800
Second Place - $600
Third Place - $400
Fourth Place - $200

A 'Couples' team is composed of a male and a female player. The average rating of the team must be under 1800. [A player may be rated over 1800 as long as the team's average rating is under the limit. Team composition must be submitted to the tournament staff prior to the start of the first game of the Four Day schedule.

Tournament Registration Desk in the Conference Center Foyer.
Report corrections, byes, membership payments etc. at the Registration Desk.
Phone: (931) 933-8251
This phone line is only active during the tournament...

Three different schedules for the first six rounds:


40/2, SD/1; d5. [7/27] - [8/3] One round daily at 7 pm then the final round [8/4] at 3 PM.
6-Day Option: 40/2, SD/1 d5. [7/30] 7 pm; [7/31] to [8/2] Two games per day - one at 12 noon and the second at 7 PM.
4-Day Option: G/60; d5. [8/1] 12 NOON, 3 PM, 7 PM & 10 PM; [8/2] at 12 NOON, & 3 PM.

All schedules merge after Round 6 and compete for the same prizes.
Round Seven [ALL sections]: [8/2] 7 PM.
Round Eight [ALL sections]: [8/3] 7 PM.
Round Nine [ALL sections]: [8/4] 3 PM.

Half Point Byes: 

Must commit before round 4; Must be submitted AT LEAST two hours before the round[s] in question. Number of half-point byes available:
2000/up:: Up to 3 half-point byes
1400-1999:: Up to 2 half-point byes
Under 1400/Unrated:: Up to 1 bye
Zero point byes are always available in any round if requested at least two hours before the start of the desired round!
Limit of one half-point bye in the last two rounds!

Entry Fee: Online, $145 by 6/16, $165 by 7/14, $185 after 7/14.
By mail, $147 postmarked by 6/16, $167 postmarked by 7/14; $187 postmarked by 7/21; Do not mail after 7/21!
By phone, $150 by 6/16, $170 by 7/14; $185 by 7/26. No phone entries after 7/26 [close of business at the Office]!
At site, all $190
GMs and WGMs are free.

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