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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Best Chess Training Software: Top 6 Features to Look For

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Hi everyone,

Choosing the right chess software can save you plenty of extra effort and time in reaching your Grandmaster goals. In fact, using the right software is as important as finding a right trainer. But, what should you exactly look for? Here are some tips to help you find the right software.

1-Engine: There are scores of chess engines in the market. Definitely Houdini is the best chess engine. You could try any of the chess engines that you feel comfortable with, but Houdini could make a huge difference to your chess.

2-Games database: Not having a games' database is like preparing to play for the aliens. Eventually you need to know how the masters played their games and how the world's best chess players play today. You also need to be able to prepare for your next opponent in a tournament. Choose a software that seamlessly helps you do all this: prepare for an opponent, serve up any chess game played by any players from the beginning of time, and have the latest chess games available soon enough.

3-Track your chess training: Constantly playing against the strongest chess computer around is not really going to help you always. You need to adjust the playing strength of the chess training software as you go along and learn. It is great if a software can help you improve your chess as levels from beginners' to the strongest GM stage. A good chess software will help you move up step by step.

4-Tactics chess training: Tactics, tactics and more tactics are the best way to keep your eyes trained to spot those magic and killer moves on the chess board. How about a chess trainer with a huge database of chess puzzles that you can solve only stage by stage!

5-Chess is fun: Choose a software that lets you have fun - with settings, puzzles, features and more. Chess without fun is like music without passion. Maybe, even lets you put your own games on your blog!

6-Analysis: Easy input of your own games, pgn exports/imports, quick analysis, position search, etc. are very important features of a good chess training software.   

You can find all these great features in Chess King.

By the way, 12th Women's World Chess Champion endorses Chess King.

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