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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Tal Chess Memorial Begins Tomorrow with Carlsen, Aronian Top Seeds, Blitz Tourney to Decide Main Tournament Draw of Lots!

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Hi everyone,

Tal Chess Memorial - 7th edition is here! The traditional chess tournament with a dream lineup begins on June 7 and runs until June 19 in Moscow. The opening ceremony is tomorrow and we can look forward to exciting and hi-definition broadcast from Russia as usual. (Left: Pashkov House, the venue)
There is an interesting new twist for deciding the draw. The main draw of lots would be decided according to a blitz tournament. The blitz tournament has a separate prize fund of 15,000 euros.
The prizes for the blitz are as follows:1st place 5 000 EUR
2nd place 3 000 EUR
3rd place 2 000 EUR
4th place 1 500 EUR
5th place 1 000 EUR
6th place 700 EUR
7th place 600 EUR
8th place 500 EUR
9th place 400 EUR
10th place 300 EUR

The time control is 3′+2”. The starting numbers in the blitz event will be given according to the Elo rating on May 1, 2012:

1. Magnus Carlsen 2835
2. Levon Aronian 2825
3. Vladimir Kramnik 2801
4. Teimour Radjabov 2784
5. Hikaru Nakamura 2775
6. Fabiano Caruana 2770
7. Alexander Morozevich 2769
8. Alexander Grischuk 2761
9. Evgeny Tomashevsky 2738
10. Luke McShane 2706

In case of equal points for two or more participants, the tie will be broken according to the additional criteria, in order of importance: the greater number of games with black, the greater number of wins, the personal result etc.

Main Tournament – Mikhail Tal Memorial 2012

The playing days for the main tournament are 8-10th, 12-14th and 16-18th June. Rest days are on 11th and 15th June. The rounds start at 15:00 Moscow time, except for the last round which starts at 13.00. The Tournament will be played according to the FIDE Laws of Chess as a round-robin event in 9 rounds. The rate of play is 1 hour 40 minutes for 40 moves plus 50 minutes for 20 moves plus 15 minutes for the rest of the game with a 30 second increment per move, starting from the first.

The participants are not allowed to offer a draw until after 40 moves have been made. All participants are obliged to comment on their games at the press room upon completion of each round.

The prize fund 100 000 euros. The prizes are distributed as follows:
1st – 30.000
2nd – 20.000
3rd – 15.000
4th – 10.000
5th – 8.000
6th – 6.000
7th – 4.000
8th – 3.000
9th – 2.500
10th – 1.500

Be there at the official website for some exciting chess coming up.

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