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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Cool Chess Interview with India's Latest Grandmaster - Vaibhav Suri

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Hi everyone,

We just found this nice chess interview by Shivani Naik with India's 27th Grandmaster - Vaibahav Suri. It appeared in the online edition of the Indian Express.
Grandmaster at 15, 
Vaibhav makes rapid moves

It’s difficult to guess the voice on the other end is of a 15-year-old. Or, 15 years, 2 months, and 22 days-old to be precise — the figure that makes Delhi boy Vaibhav Suri the 27th youngest Grandmaster in the world. The boy gushes about Tigran Petrosian’s playing style when quizzed on his inspirations. He speaks solemnly about the Armenian chess wizard from the 1960s, whose masterly positional exchange sacrifice system of lulling opponents and then pouncing he has extensively read about.

Soon, it’s evident that he reads as much for fun as learning. Vaibhav explains how softwares are the preferred mode of chess-education these days, but he likes lingering on old classical games of those marvellous Russians in book pages, because that helps him understand the chess-as-life metaphor better. Finally, his father Nitin Suri wonders how his teenage kid has deftly side-stepped the temptation of getting himself a Facebook account, abhors socialising, and generally prefers his books and laptop — all of it building up a picture of a wiser-than-his-years Vaibhav.

Until, of course, he starts discussing Harry Potter. Not Ronald Wealsey, Potter’s buddy who is facile at chess, but the hero Potter — who cracks fantastical mysteries and is all brave and courageous. Vaibhav then proceeds to correct a stereotypical assumption with disarming honesty: “I train only for 3-4 hours max. 7-8 hours would be too much to sit in one place. Maybe Vishy Anand and all those big Grandmasters put in that sort of preparation playing important meets. I’m not that level.” Not yet.

Read the full interview with India's latest chess grandmaster here.

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