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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

'It is Impossible Never to Lose a Chess Game!'

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Hi everyone,

Take heart... is is impossible to never lose a chess game. Jasper Wu ’14, president of the Cornell Chess Club, says chess has a variety of practical applications, especially for learning about science. 

Chess also involves analytical and strategic thinking. As in scientific inquiry, creativity and foresight are key for success. “Any chess player knows that you have to think ahead. It’s important to make a strategy and think things through,” Wu said. According to Wu, the value in chess lies in the inevitability of making mistakes.

“It is impossible to never lose a game in chess, just as it is impossible to never make a mistake in life.” Wu said. “Chess teaches kids and players of all ages that making mistakes is a natural part of the game and that learning from those mistakes is what propels you to the next level.” He elaborated that science, like chess, is all about learning from mistakes."

These quotes are from an interesting article about Grandmaster Larry Christiansen giving a simultaneous exhibition at a Cornell Chess Club event on March 30.

There are plenty of good things said in the article about chess and you could read it here.

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