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Monday, April 2, 2012

GM Ernst Sipke Wins 1st Ribarska Banja Rapid Chess Open

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Hi everyone,
GM Ernst Sipke has won the 2012 Ribarska Banja Rapid Chess Open that was held on 1st April at the Hotel Pogled in Ribarska Banja, near Krusevac, Serbia. A total of 102 players took part in the 9-round Swiss event with the time control of 15 minutes per player. Among them were 10 Grandmasters, 6 International Masters and 11 FIDE Masters.

GM Sipke Ernst from the Netherlands, who is very active in Serbia having already won the Belgrade Open and the Summer Open, added another trophy to his collection by winning the tournament with a total of 7.5 points. Ernst takes 200 EUR home, out of the total prize fund of 1000 EUR. 

In addition, a 9-round junior tournament was held in the same venue. Matija Ivic from Jagodina emerged winner in the field of 32 players, predominantly coming from Paracin.

Ribarska Banja is the royal spa famous of its mineral springs which are among the best in the world in helping cure orthopedic and ankle-bone conditions.

Top Final standings:

1 GM Ernst Sipke 2578 Holandija – 7.5
2 GM Perunovic Milos 2582 Beograd – 7
3 GM Lajthajm Borko 2493 Zemun – 7
4 GM Martinovic Slobodan 2439 S.Palanka – 7
5 IM Miljkovic Miroslav D 2475 Nis – 7
6 GM Abramovic Bosko 2460 Zemun – 7
7 IM Novoselski Zoran 2387 Kragujevac – 7
8 IM Arsovic Goran 2422 Beograd – 7
9 FM Brankovic Dejan 2357 Paracin – 6.5
10 GM Cabrilo Goran 2477 Mladenovac – 6.5

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