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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool Chess Puzzle and a 'Oh-My-God' Video

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Hi everyone,

We've all played those silly chess games and moves that make an April Fool out of us on any date of the year. You feel like kicking yourself, but bounce back soon enough. Here are three games and we know what the loser would have felt like.

That's the fun of chess. After some time, you show off your latest blunder and laugh about how things went. Don't take life too seriously. Have some chess fun on April Fool's Day - play some fun games.

Black to play
Von Popiel - Marco
Monte Carlo 1902

Black resigned because he thought he was going to lose the Bishop on d4. Could he have won the game?

Watch this video and you want to roll on the floor in agony. 

How do you get over a blunder and laugh about it later?

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