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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Chess Evolution weekly newsletter launches in six languages

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Hi everyone, has just announced the start of the CE Weekly Newsletter. Released every Friday of the week, the newsletter will contain 20 pages of great chess material written by the contemporary top Grandmasters Arkadij Naiditsch and Csaba Balogh.

The CEWN weekly edition will contain not only openings or middlegames, but rather full details on the best fresh games from the chess world, a look back at historical matches, and practice endgames sections, puzzles, and multiple surprises.

The CEWN will be published in 6 different languages(English, Spanish, French, German, Hungarian, and Italian) and will be sent over email in pgn and pdf format.

Content of CEWN:

· 4 analyzed games of the past week with detailed word explanations
· “Clash of the Titans”, one game from a World Champion which is a rare find in other books
· Several endgame lectures per issue
· Around 10 puzzles with solutions given in the next weekly newsletter.
· Editorial preface written by Arkadij Naiditsch and Balogh Csaba on the most exciting moments of the past week.
· A “surprise” section which will change every week. It can be an interview, or some funny article, maybe some theoretical advice e.t.c.
· All in all, around 20 pages of great chess material every week!

Price of the subscription for CEWN:

38 euro/year (52 editions, purchase here saving over 80% on the weekly price)
10 euro/1 month (4 editions, purchase here)
4 euro/1 week (1 edition, purchase here)

Arkadij Naiditsch about CEWN

The author of CEWN comments, “To make it especially nice for our readers, we decided to start with 6 different languages, we think to read in the mother language is an extra for every chess fan.In our weekly newsletter we will try to be creative and not only present a “dry” chess material, but also go a further. A reader will be able to find 4 most interesting games from the past week, a rare seen game from a World Champion combined with a nice puzzle section plus endgame lectures and not at least a surprise section that will change every week. It all makes CEWN an exciting product for chess lovers of any strength!”

GM Naiditsch also adds, “Chess Evolution remains the premium book on the market, it is the solid addition to any chess player’s library. However, CEWN will be a great addition, as it will provide weekly training and insights right in your mailbox.”

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