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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aeroflot Chess R6: Anton Korobov in clear lead

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Hi everyone,

Anton Korobov is leading the Aeroflot Chess 2012 with 5.0/6 points. He had earlier beaten the overnight leader Fabiano Caruana in round four who is now back in joint second place.

As you know, the 11th Aeroflot Open is taking place in Moscow from February 7 to 15, 2012, for the first time in the Cosmos Hotel (above), which is one of the largest in Moscow. You can access the official website here. Here is the exciting game from Round 4 between Korobov and Caruana. Enjoy.

Korobov,A (2660) - Caruana,F (2736)

Result: 1-0
Site: Moscow RUS
Date: ?
[...] 1.d4 ¤f6 2.c4 c5 3.d5 b5 4.cxb5 a6 5.bxa6 g6 6.¤c3 ¥xa6 7.¤f3 d6 8.g3 ¤bd7 9.¥g2 ¥g7 10.¦b1 O-O 11.O-O £a5 12.£c2 ¤b6 13.¦d1 ¤fd7 14.¥d2 ¤c4 15.¥e1 ¦fb8 16.£c1 ¤de5 17.¤xe5 ¤xe5 18.h3 ¥c8 19.b3 c4 20.f4 ¤d7 21.£e3 cxb3 22.axb3 £d8 23.¤a4 ¤f6 24.¥f2 ¥f5 25.¦bc1 ¦b4 26.g4 ¥d7 27.¦c6 ¦ab8 28.¦d3 ¥xc6 29.dxc6 £c7 30.¥e1 ¦4b5 31.¤c3 ¦a5 32.g5 ¤h5 33.¤d5 ¦xd5 34.¥xd5 e6 35.¥f3 ¦b5 36.¥c3 e5 37.fxe5 ¥xe5 38.¥xe5 ¦xe5 39.£d2 £a7+ 40.¢g2 £e7 41.h4 d5 42.b4 £d6 43.b5 ¦e6 44.¥xh5 gxh5 45.¦xd5 ¦xe2+ 46.£xe2 £xd5+ 47.¢g3 £d6+ 48.¢f3 £d5+ 49.¢f4 £d6+ 50.¢e4 £e6+ 51.¢d3

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