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Sunday, February 12, 2012

The chess they play in Russia - must-watch Sunday video!

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Hi everyone,

Do you know the chess they play in Russia?
Check this out! It's a chess video straight from the 'heart of the chess world' - the game of Ruso-Shakhmaty (Russian Chess!)

Tavreli (Russian Chess) is a two-player abstract strategy board game in the same family as Western chess, Shatranj, Japanese Shogi or Chinese Xiangqi. There was an ancient Russian Chess-like game called Tavreli but its rules have been lost over time. Today's Tavreli is a modern game that was recreated in the latest 1990s as a combination of standard Chess and Bashni (Russian Stacking Draughts).

There are three main differences between Tavreli and standard Chess:

- When a player captures an opponent's piece, the captured piece is not taken off the board. Instead of this the player puts his piece on top of the captured piece forming a stack.

- A player can move his piece to a square occupied by another player's piece. In this case the player puts the moved piece on top of the "captured" one the same way as it happens with opponent's pieces.

- A stack belongs to whoever owns its topmost piece, and moves as that piece does. However, a player is not obliged to move a stack as a whole: it is allowed to move just the top part of it leaving the bottom part on its place.

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