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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Anand focused on World Chess Championship 2012

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Hello everyone,
World Champion Viswanathan Anand has said that he is focused on his upcoming title match against Boris Gelfand in 2012! He says he does not wish to reflect on the year gone by but focus on the title match. Anand was speaking to Indian NDTV Sports Channel. Here are some quotes from his interview:

"I started off well this year, got good results in TATA steel. I did consistently well in rapid event but somehow in the seven hour events I was getting neutralised," Anand said on the sidelines of a NIIT felicitation program here.

"It was a bit of a blow and I definitely have to analyse it. Probably it is a mixture of preparation and caution slipping into the move.

"I have to find exactly what is the root cause but that is not the task now. I can't think about tournaments now because world championship is round the corner and so I will focus on that for the moment. I will just be training for the world championship," he added.

"Right now I will take a break, I have come off three tournaments and want to spent time with my son and in new year I will start my training, there is a lot of months, I will train 2-3 months and then go for the championship."

"I think Gelfand's style is close to Vladimir Kramnik then Veselin Topalov, they have a similar classical upbringing in chess, they don't do a lot of these hyper-morden stuff. They are not going to put their pieces in very unconventional places unless there is a good reason."

"But then Gelfend will have a lot of time to train so I have to anticipate all the moves which he might come up with, but Topalov, Kramnik, Gelfand and me - we are from a certain generation and our thinking process is aligned."

"We know each other well but then we don't know each other inside out and chess is always evolving, so it is not a fixed target ever. I am sure we will have enough new things to try in match, so it is double-edged, can't be complacent."
"I am not thinking beyond the World Championship now. The clock is ticking and I am not going to pretend that I don't see myself at 50 or 60 but now it is world championship and everything gets pushed to the back."

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