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Monday, December 26, 2011

41st Rilton Chess Cup from December 27 with GM Bartosz Socko as top seed

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Hello everyone,

The Stockholm Chess Federation is hosting the 41st Rilton Cup from December 27 to January 5. This year’s tournament, with a prize fund of more than 200 000 SEK (about 20 000 euro), will be played in three groups: Rilton Cup, Rilton Elo and Rilton Open (the Open is only for Nordic players with a national rating lower than 1800).

Rilton Cup and Rilton Elo will be rated with FIDE and played over 9 rounds of Swiss system. The first round starts at 3:00 p.m. the 27th of December. Round 2–8 start the same time. The last, 9th round starts at noon (12:00) the 5th of January. The 31st of December (New Year’s Eve) is free of play. Some top-rated players already enlisted for the tournament include:

1. GM Socko Bartosz 2635 Poland
2. GM Solak Dragan 2629 Serbia
3. GM Volkov Sergey 2614 Russia
4. GM Gajewski Grzegorz 2607 Poland
5. GM l’Ami Erwin 2592 Netherlands
6. GM Tikkanen Hans 2591 Sweden
7. GM Rozentalis Eduardas 2575 LTU
8. GM Cicak Slavko 2566 Sweden
9. GM Berczes David 2555 Hungary
10. GM Shimanov Aleksandr 2549 Russia
11. GM Rasmussen Stig Allan 2541 Denmark
12. GM Ivanov Sergey 2537 Russia
13. GM Tejas Bakre 2509 IND India
14. GM Cramling Pia 2495 Sweden
15. IM Semcesen Daniel 2490 Sweden
16. GM Socko Monika 2490 Poland
17. GM Brynell Stellan 2486 Sweden
18. GM Karlsson Lars 2485 Sweden
19. IM Smith Axel 2480 Sweden
20. IM Blomqvist Erik 2477 Sweden
21. GM Markovic Miroslav 2460 Serbia
22. IM Nithander Victor 2423 Sweden
23. GM Akesson Ralf 2421 Sweden
24. GM Bellon Juan 2420 Spain

For more details check out the official tournament website at

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