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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Etienne Bacrot wins the strong Poikovsky chess tournament.

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Hi everybody,

Etienne Bacrot has won the strong Poikovsky chess tournament. He beat Zahar Efimenko in the last round to earn the title for the second time. Sergey Karjakin - who was in the contention - but settled for a simple draw with Motylev. Bacrot had the better tie-break. He had won the tournament six years ago the last time. You can access the official website at this link.

Final standings

1. Bacrot, E FRA 2705 5½
2. Karjakin, S RUS 2772 5½
3. Caruana, F ITA 2712 5
4. Motylev, A RUS 2690 4½
5. Onischuk, A USA 2669 4½
6. Bruzon, L CUB 2682 4½
7. Laznicka, V CZE 2701 4½
8. Jakovenko, D RUS 2716 4
9. Rublevsky, S RUS 2681 3½
10. Efimenko, Z UKR 2703 3½

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  • At October 13, 2011 at 1:01 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Congrats to Etienne. Great.

  • At October 13, 2011 at 1:19 PM , Anonymous Sebastian Wolff, NY said...

    Chess is amazing. The current scenario with Anand and Gelfand heading for a world title clash is one such indication. You just don't know when your best will come and when it will come again - how beautiful. Chess is amazing.

  • At October 13, 2011 at 2:11 PM , Anonymous TSH said...

    My fav. Needed a tournament win after quite some time. I am happy.


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